Our students with scholarships from the prestigious European programme

Imię i nazwisko

Student at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

I am a proud member of the Irish student community in Warsaw. My desire to become a veterinarian stems from childhood experiences in my family home. I observed different facets of farming - milking cows or having a vet perform a caesarean section. What motivated me the most was the desire to continue the family tradition and to innovate in agriculture through scientific achievements. Now my main area of interest is equine medicine. In the future, I would like to focus on the issue of intestinal parasite resistance to anthelmintic drugs: this problem requires further research and education of animal owners. The scholarship is an important recognition of my efforts and an honour for me. It is also a tangible help that will enable me to focus on


Student at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

I have always been fascinated by the world of animals and medicine, so I decided to combine the two and turn my interest into a veterinary profession. It's a very interesting direction and I can't imagine myself in any other place.
In the future, I would like to work in small animal cardiology. I am interested in the complexity of this field, so I would like to focus on the challenges of diagnosing and treating heart disease to improve the quality of life of patients. Thanks to the scholarship, I will be able to expand my knowledge without worrying about finances. I have plans for overseas placements in veterinary clinics and the scholarship will help me with the costs associated with the trips.


Student at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Veterinary medicine was an obvious choice for me. I have always loved animals - working with them brings me a lot of satisfaction, and at the same time just being with dogs or cats gives me a lot of inner peace and happiness.
My aim is to constantly develop and take on new challenges - anything that will be able to benefit the health of animals.
In the future, I intend to specialise in the areas of surgery and radiology. The scholarship will help me to further my academic and professional development and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in both specialisations, where I see myself in the future as a veterinarian.