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Agnieszka Jackowska-Tracz

Agnieszka Jackowska-Tracz

dr hab.

Vice Dean for Foreign Studies

dr hab. Michał Skibniewski

Michał Skibniewski

Dr hab.

Dean of the Faculty

dr Karolina Barszcz

Karolina Barszcz


Vice Dean for Students' Affairs

Brak nadchodzących wydarzeń

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The history of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine dates back to July 17, 1824, when it opened Government Veterinary Institute in Burakowo near Warsaw. The legal basis for the beginnings of veterinary education in Poland was the decree of 1816, which provided for the opening of a practical veterinary school in the Kingdom of Poland. At that time, the studies lasted only 2 years. The November Uprising led to the discontinuation of veterinary training for 10 years. The resumption of education took place in 1840, in which it was established, operating under the Institute in Marymont, School of Vets and the studies were extended to four years. In 1889, the University was granted the official status of a university, and in 1901, the complex of buildings at ul. Grochowska 272 in Warsaw’s Praga district.


15/21 july

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